laura: little church flower {FSU grad}

Laura may be one of the funniest people I have ever met. I can’t explain it, you know those people who, no matter what they say or what facial expression they make, they're just hilarious? That’s Laura. And she brought Erika, who is also one of those people, so we had a grand ole time… Continue reading laura: little church flower {FSU grad}


emily: the happiest soul {FSU grad}

You might recognize Emily from my Bahamian Flower Children post, where she joined me in the Bahamas! She was my roommate this past year along with our other friend Christina {hey girl hey!}, and it really was such a great year! This shoot was so fun with her, and it was just such great timing. At… Continue reading emily: the happiest soul {FSU grad}


derek: he flies planes {FSU grad}

You may recognize Derek from my Redefining Male Modeling post {his hair was a smidge longer then haha}. He’s my cousin and I was so happy when he asked me to do his grad photos! Even though we went to the same university, we saw more of each other at home {even though we lived… Continue reading derek: he flies planes {FSU grad}


peyton: master of sassy & sweet {FSU grad}

This shoot was definitely one of my favorites. Peyton graduated with a master's degree in Exceptional Student Education. She is absolutely hilarious, and she brought her best friend Ciera who is also hilarious. Put the two of them together and forget it, you can’t help but laugh the whole time at their sassy sweetness {don't… Continue reading peyton: master of sassy & sweet {FSU grad}

bahamas · travel journal

bahamian reading rampage {travel journal}

JOURNAL ENTRY NO. 2 ^^ my most willing photo subject 💚 ^^^^ Steven being a good son and washing the salt from the windows ^^^^ he doesn't like to have his picture taken ^^^^ I still got him though ^^^^ one of my new favorite pictures 😍 ^^ ^^ the books Steven & I were reading {thank… Continue reading bahamian reading rampage {travel journal}


nicole: you can account on her {FSU grad}

I just want to start by saying that the morning of this shoot was GORGEOUS. Everything was so ideal for a lovely shoot {can I get a hallelujah for a cool morning in Florida}! As you may know, the color of graduation tassels depends on the college that a person is graduating from. So when… Continue reading nicole: you can account on her {FSU grad}