Live Freely (Mission Statement)


I want to live freely.
Not in the sense of doing whatever I want whenever I want,
that’s not freedom to me.
I want to be free.
I want to breathe this life in completely. And exhale my purpose for it.
I want to make my mark on the Earth.
I want it to be a better place because I lived.
I don’t want any minute, not even so much as a moment, to be blurry or forgotten.
Life is too beautiful to be blurred or forgotten.
I want to laugh. Belly-aching. All-Natural. Genuine. Organic laughs.
I want to look back on my life and remember
the places I visited,
the adventures I went on,
and the people who went adventuring with me.
I don’t want to look back
and half-recall smoky rooms
and loud, crowded spaces
full of strangers.
I want to always be the person that my little brother sees when he looks at me.
I want to be someone worthy enough to act as an example.
I long to inspire every person I come into contact with.
I want to live simply and be happy with a calm life.
I will bring comfort,
and point out the sunshine,
so that everyone will realize how wonderful this life is.
There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.
I will dance in every field of flowers I see,
and wear pretty dresses with bare feet
so as to feel the earth while I live in it.
I shall spend the majority of my life in the sun,
soaking it up like a sunflower.
But when the rain does fall,
I will splash in my yellow rain boots.
I shall live at every beach,
at least for a moment.
I will finally learn all of those constellations
and how to use them for navigation.
And then I shall learn to sail,
and a sailboat will be my home for a time.
I will smile at every stranger I see
and swap stories with anyone willing to talk.
Although I will be a vagabond
I shall always keep my roots,
so that, in between my travel-dancing,
I can be home.
Of all the places I visit, I know home will always be my favorite.
I want to sing with my mom,
dance with my dad,
laugh with my brothers,
cause ruckus after ruckus with my cousins.
(Any kind of shenanigans will do.)
I want to hug my grandparents
and kiss my family.
I crave relaxation.
I’ll bring my own hammock so that I can set up whenever I want.
I want to read books on books on books.
I want to write about everything.
I’m hungry for this life.
I’m ready to live freely.

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