I’m Redefining Male Modeling

I got it in my head the other day that I wanted to have a group photo shoot with guys and girls.
I don’t have a lot of experience photographing guys, so naturally, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration.
And Pinterest had nothing for me.
I saw a lot of broody men and a lot of overly-posed pictures.
I really didn’t see many, if any, pictures of men that captured who they are as a person.
I really didn’t see many happy faces that genuinely looked happy. There was more of the hey-smile-for-the-camera type smiles.
I didn’t see any photos that made me feel anything, they were all lifeless and predictable.
There was nothing natural or joyful about these men.
And I thought to myself, “why?”
Where are the genuine, authentic men?
Where are the pictures with soul, with heart?
Where is the laughter and the silliness that I know men possess?
Who are these men?
What are their stories, what do they have to share?
And there were no answers.
Thus, I have decided to write my own answers.
I know quite a few beautiful men.
Men who are full of life and soul.
Men who are warm and authentic.
So I am redefining male modeling.
These are my beautiful brothers, cousins, and boyfriend just being 100% themselves.
They are not experienced models, they do not care about perfect poses or elaborately coifed hair.
They are real. They are kind. And they are full of life.
{{And they are also angels for agreeing to let me take pictures of them on Thanksgiving!}}


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