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bahamian flower children {travel journal}



^^ Will machete-d these coconuts for us!
{Tallulah was really enjoying this, as you can tell haha} ^^


^^ reason #347 that I love tripod shots: blooper pics ^^


^^ the cutest, sweetest girl in all the land! ^^


^^ I mean seriously, how is she real?! vv


Emily’s joining us for this weekend was so incredibly last minute haha. We invited her the day before we left. Thank goodness she’s always down for an adventure because she made it work and said yes! I am so glad she did because she is one of my all-time favorite humans. Honestly, from looking at these pictures anyone can tell how joyful and precious she is, I just love everything about her! We were roommates this past year along with our other friend Christina {hey girl hey}, and it’s so funny how, after living with someone, even four weeks away from each other feels like soo long! Luckily the weather was nice enough for two back-to-back boat days, so we spent the majority of our time island hopping and snorkeling. I love chill weekends like that – no phone service, no parking to pay for, no drama. Nothing to do but to enjoy a healthy life, happy company, good books, and maybe eat some cracked conch for lunch {mmmm}.

Toodlepip, friends!

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