vanessa: lady of the posies {FSU grad}

This was the grad shoot of flowers! I loved this shoot because Vanessa was in zero hurry, so we could really take our time to find the little hidden gems around Florida State’s campus {and there are so many}. She invited her sorority family for the beginning of the shoot who are all so adorable and happy! Throughout the shoot, Vanessa was seriously cracking me up. Something I love about Vanessa is that she is so humble and incredibly sweet, but she’s also pretty sassy. She has a really dry sense of humor {which I can always appreciate because I can never pull off sarcasm}, so whenever I would give her a compliment, she would be all, “yeah I know” and “wow I’m so beautiful” haha! 

Scroll all the way down to read a little about Vanessa!


^^ cutest little family everrr ^^


^^ look at that cap-throwing form ^^


^^ I could not get over how perfectly these flowers match her tassel ^^


^^ posing so beautifully ^^


^^ *cue huge gust of wind* ^^


^^ *cap lands right in the middle of the only puddle around haha! ^^


^^ what are the odds?! we laughed so hard after this! ^^



Major: Psychology
Minor: Education

What year were you when you chose your major? What led you to this decision?
I was a sophomore when I chose to be a psychology major. I chose it because I felt that I was very interested in it and that I was very passionate about it. I’ve always wanted to help people and I knew this major would lead to a helping career, so it felt like the right fit!

The question everyone has been asking you over and over again, what’s next?!
I will be going to Marymount University in Arlington, VA to get my Masters in clinical Mental Health Counseling!

What is your guilty pleasure summer jam? Why (if applicable haha)?
I have always really liked music so I don’t ever have just one song that I’m really into. But I am a musicals kind of girl and right now I have been listening to the Amalie soundtrack. I like music that tells stories so I just listen to the entire soundtrack on repeat haha.

The teacher who has inspired me the most in life is ___. Because…?
The teacher that inspired me and who was the main reason I chose mental health was Dr. Sara Hart. She was my Honors Thesis advisor and I worked in her developmental psych lab for a year and a half. She is just the coolest person and I don’t think she knows how cool she is haha. She’s an incredible woman and role model. She really does it all. She’s a mother, a professor, a journal author, a marathon runner, a scuba diver, and so much more!


Remember to hold on to your hats in case of big gusts of wind!  😉

Toodlepip, friends!


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