nicole: you can account on her {FSU grad}

I just want to start by saying that the morning of this shoot was GORGEOUS. Everything was so ideal for a lovely shoot {can I get a hallelujah for a cool morning in Florida}!

As you may know, the color of graduation tassels depends on the college that a person is graduating from. So when I noticed that Nicole had a beautiful garnet tassel {that exactly matched her dress}, I asked her which college she was graduating from. And she said, “oh no, I ordered this color specifically because I’m in the College of Business and our tassels are poop brown. So I got this nice color instead” haha! She brought her boyfriend, Alex, who was also graduating from the College of Business. When she said this, he looked at his {poop brown} tassel and hung his head in shame haha. Those two were keeping me entertained the entire shoot!  

Scroll all the way down to read a little about Nicole!


^^ what a model ^^


^^ this was all Nicole, such a cute idea! ^^


^^ she was actually giggling at something Alex was doing, so sweet! ^^


^^ the brown tassel! ^^



Major: Accounting

When was the moment that you thought “heck yeah, I want to go to Florida State”?
I knew I wanted to go to Florida State when I toured the campus. I fell in love with the campus and the tour guides were so welcoming and friendly too! I felt like I could see myself going to college at FSU and having a great experience.

The question everyone has been asking you over and over again, what’s next?!
Next, I am attending University of South Florida for a year to take classes to become a Certified Public Accountant.

What’s one thing you need to have in your fridge at all times?
Must always have waffles! (I know that goes in the freezer, not the fridge, but it’s my favorite go-to breakfast food item) 😛

What are you most excited about in life right now?
I am most excited to see what the future holds for me and begin my next chapter in life. I am forever grateful to FSU for giving me some of the best years of my life, and all these amazing memories. Now, I am excited to do some traveling and see the world and all its beauty. I want to experience different cultures and explore new places with my friends and loved ones. The possibilities are endless and it is an exciting time to be alive!


A lesson I learned from Nicole: life is too short to settle for poop brown tassels!

Toodlepip, friends!

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