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bahamian reading rampage {travel journal}


IMG_6463^^ my most willing photo subject 💚 ^^IMG_6422^^ Steven being a good son and washing the salt from the windows ^^IMG_6417^^ he doesn’t like to have his picture taken ^^IMG_6433^^ I still got him though ^^IMG_6442IMG_6456IMG_6454^^ one of my new favorite pictures 😍 ^^IMG_6474
^^ the books Steven & I were reading
{thank you, tiny gust of wind, for allowing us to see the pretty cover} ^^IMG_6506

As you can probably tell, this was the weekend of reading haha! It rained almost the whole time, which is kind of a bummer, but not entirely. I’ve been so go-go-go lately that I was actually thankful for the gloomy weather. It forced me to slow down for a bit. With this downtime, I got some writing done, finished up some planning and organizing, got a little exercise in… but honestly, I mostly read haha {Emma by Jane Austen. And yes, I 100% recommend it!}.

There are two little memories I especially want to keep from this trip:

1. My brother Steven also loves to read, so we spent a lot of time reading together {he finished his book too, The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson}. We get really into books, so every once in a while, one of us would put our book down because we just had to share something that happened- whether it was something funny, some plot twist that we weren’t expecting, or something an annoying character did. Ugh I love everything about Steven, we’ve always been buds. 

2. We were supposed to leave Tuesday morning, but the weather was iffy, so we had to wait and see when it was safe to fly- it could’ve been later that day, or we might have had to wait until the next day. So while my dad was watching the radar, we all piled onto the couch to read and wait for news. It was such a cool moment in time, all of us smooshed on the couch. So special. 💛

{we did end up having to stay an extra day, oh shoot}.

Toodlepip, friends!


“But for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.” -Jane Austen

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