peyton: master of sassy & sweet {FSU grad}

This shoot was definitely one of my favorites. Peyton graduated with a master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education. She is absolutely hilarious, and she brought her best friend Ciera who is also hilarious. Put the two of them together and forget it, you can’t help but laugh the whole time at their sassy sweetness {don’t ask me how they’re both, I have no idea how they pull it off haha}! Ciera is definitely the mom friend {we all have one, and thank the Lord for them}. She fixed Peyton’s hair, cap, and dress in almost every location, and she would give little instructions as to how Peyton should pose. This made my job very easy! However, where I would say “try moving your arm this way a little” or “turn slightly that way,” Ciera would say “Peyton, what are you doing, don’t do that. Go like this” haha! There’s nothing like true friendship! 

Scroll all the way down to read a little about Peyton! 

^^ no hair ties everr ^^
^^ this picture makes me so happy ^^
^^ those shoes! ^^
^^ can you even take that headband?! so cute! ^^
^^ cutest, sweetest friend group ^^


Major: Exceptional Student Education

When was the moment that you thought “heck yeah, I want to go to Florida State”?
After touring the beautiful campus of FSU was my first “oh yea, I wanna go there,” and of course when I got accepted I knew my dreams came true.

The question everyone has been asking you over and over again, what’s next?!
I will be teaching the secondary level (high school) kiddos with mild to moderate disabilities at North Florida School of Special Education

I have a deep love for ____ and I have no shame. Why?
Children. Why? They make me smile and laugh. I love them!

What are you most excited about in life right now?
This next chapter in my life, also my sister is getting married soon and I’m the maid of honor. So exciting!


Peyton and Ciera just started a highly amusing Instagram page where you can also join in the fun! {@yourfavoritegirlz}
I hope your day is full of true friendship and laughter today!

Toodlepip, friends!


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