it me

Hi friend!

Wow am I glad you’re here, I’m Rachel!

I graduated from Florida State University, and am now in graduate school at University of Florida studying counseling (but still go noles!). I love Jesus, dogs, journals, books, all things Disney, coffee, Gilmore Girls, and making a big deal out of anything remotely worth celebrating.

I started this business because I love to tell stories through both word and photo. I find people so fascinating, we each have a tale to tell and a song to sing. We all have souls, and I love to see and capture the different ways in which those souls shine forth. Human emotion is the main reason I’m as in love with photography as I am.

“if only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be”

This quote is what my photography {& my life} is all about. So often, we are bombarded with images of perfectly posed men & women. But life is not perfectly posed. Life is full of spontaneity and laughter and strong emotion. I don’t love to simply take pictures, I love to see people come alive through the pictures I take. It is not about me, but about them- about you if you’ll have me 😉 Your beautiful soul, shining forth, through the combinations of our visions through the photo.

And that’s what I want, I want to collaborate with you. I want to capture your truest emotions and your most authentic self. I want the photos we create together to be genuine and real, I want to reveal your already existing beauty. Let’s make something beautiful together, I want the world to see how your soul shines! ☀️

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