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bahamian reading rampage {travel journal}

JOURNAL ENTRY NO. 2 ^^ my most willing photo subject 💚 ^^^^ Steven being a good son and washing the salt from the windows ^^^^ he doesn't like to have his picture taken ^^^^ I still got him though ^^^^ one of my new favorite pictures 😍 ^^ ^^ the books Steven & I were reading {thank… Continue reading bahamian reading rampage {travel journal}

bahamas · travel journal

bahamian flower children {travel journal}

JOURNAL ENTRY NO. 1 ^^ Will machete-d these coconuts for us! {Tallulah was really enjoying this, as you can tell haha} ^^ ^^ reason #347 that I love tripod shots: blooper pics ^^ ^^ the cutest, sweetest girl in all the land! ^^ ^^ I mean seriously, how is she real?! vv Emily’s joining us… Continue reading bahamian flower children {travel journal}


new chapter, bring it on 🎈

Hello friends! As you may or may not have noticed, I have been quite absent from my blog lately. I have been putting my responsibilities as a student first {because I'm a nerd who actually loves school haha. seriously though guys, what a gift to have access to education!}, but school is out now! I… Continue reading new chapter, bring it on 🎈